Art & Visual Culture

Art Museum Image Gallery (EBSCO, 2005– )

158K+ downloadable images from leading global collections, with rights cleared for educational use

ArtStor (2005– )

1M+ images from major museums and archives; expanded functionality at partner institutions

Bible Illustrations: The Macklin Bible (Naomi Billingsley, 2019)

Digitized Macklin Bible (1791–1800) from John Rylands Library plus notes on its production and reception

Bildindex der Kunst & Architektur (2000– )

German-language site with 2M+ images of art and architecture in Germany and elsewhere in Europe

Bloomsbury Fashion Central (2017)

250K+ images from major archives plus tools for studying global fashion since medieval era

Boydell Shakespeare Gallery (Romantic Illustration Network, 2015)

Frederick Burwick’s images of engravings of Shakespeare scenes painted for Boydell’s gallery, 1789-1805

British Library Images Online (2005– )

Searchable database of maps, illustrations, drawings, paintings, and photos from BL’s collections

Bridgeman Education Art Library (2011– )

Searchable database of 1.2M images from BL and major museums

Europeana Art (European Union, 2008– )

1.7M images from famous and lesser-known collections across Europe

Europeana Fashion (European Union, 2008– )

Fashion drawings, sketches, and catalogues from 30 public and private collections in Europe

Google Arts and Culture (Google Cultural Institute, 2011)

High-res art from Tate, British Museum, National Gallery, etc., plus virtual gallery tours of partner museums

The Grand Tour (Adam Matthew, 2009)

Travel writings and art by Britons touring European art and culture sites between 1550 and 1850

Illustrating Scott (U. of Edinburgh, 2009)

Peter Garside’s database of 1500+ printed illustrations to Scott’s Waverley novels from 1814 to 1900

Illustration Archive (Cardiff U., 2015)

Searchable database of 1M+ illustrations from 68K 18c/19c books at BL and elsewhere

National Portrait Gallery (London)

Portal for searching NPG’s unrivaled collection of 210K+ portraits of Britons from 16c to present

The Oxford Portraits Project (Oxford U., 2008)

Catalog and images of portraits of famous Britons from Oxford’s collections

Prints from the Curzon Collection (Oxford U., 2003)

1,400 British political cartoons from 1789-1815 on Napoleon and British fears of invasion

The Printshop Window (Matthew Crowther, 2013– )

Collector’s site with images and tools for studying caricature and graphic satire in long 18c

RÊVE: Romantic Europe: The Virtual Exhibition (ERA, 2017– )

Collaborative initiative enabling scholars and museums to showcase Romantic-era art, objects, and texts

Romantic Illustration Network

Scholarly organization focused on book illustration and visual culture from 1750 to 1850

Romantic Circles Gallery (T. Kelley and J. Leveton, 2019– )

Virtual exhibitions on Romantic-era art, visual culture, and book history

Romanticism: Life, Literature and Landscape (Adam Matthew, 2012)

Digitized Wordsworth Trust collection includes unparalleled collection of Lake District art

Royal Academy Collection Online

Portal for searching RA’s archives, exhibition catalogs, and research tools

Saskia Art History Images (Scholars Resource, 2003)

34K images photographed at major museums by Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft

Slavery Images (U. of Virginia, 2015)

Archive of 1,280 depictions of slavery in the Americas

VADS: Visual Arts Data Service (U. for the Creative Arts, 2008– )

140K+ freely available and copyright-cleared images from collections across Britain

Vetusta Monumenta, 1718–96 (Ancient Monuments) (2020– )

Heringman, Lake, and Boehm’s edition of prints published by Society of Antiquaries of London

Web Gallery of Art (1996– )

Early open-access “virtual museum,” with 11K+ images and tools for studying 8c-19c European art

The William Blake Archive (1998– )

Eaves, Essick, and Viscomi’s comprehensive image gallery and tools for studying Blake’s life and work

What Jane Saw (Janine Barchas, 2013)

Virtual recreation of 2 major exhibits Austen saw: Shakespeare Gallery (1796) and Reynolds retrospective (1813)

Yale Center for British Art (Yale U.)

Searchable catalog of museum’s holdings, exhibition guides, and publications