Political History

Annual Register (ProQuest, 2006– )

All 250+ volumes of annual chronicle of major world events, dating to Edmund Burke’s original 1758 issue

British History Online (Inst. of Hist. Research, U. of London, 2003– )

Approx. 1,300 vols. of primary and secondary sources, mainly from 1300-1800

British Politics and Society (Gale NCCO, 2012)

Primary sources from 1749 to 1984, with sub-sections on radicalism, working-class history, etc.

Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture, 1790-1920 (Gale, 2015)

2M+ pages of criminal justice ephemera, including trial transcripts, police reports, detective novels, etc..

Eighteenth-Century Parliamentary Papers (ProQuest, 2007)

Scanned British government publications and private documents from 1688 to 1834

Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (U. of Amsterdam, 2010)

1,400 articles emphasizing emergence of cultural (rather than political) nationalism in long 19c Europe

Prints from the Curzon Collection (Oxford U., 2003)

1,400 British political cartoons from 1789-1815 on Napoleon and British fears of invasion

Sources in U.S. History Online: The American Revolution (Gale, 2008)

Archive of American and British memoirs, pamphlets, speeches, etc. from revolutionary period

State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century, 1714-1782 (Gale, 2013)

Four-part series of documents from the UK National Archives; emphasis on international diplomacy