British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism (Romantic Circles, 2004)

Orianne Smith’s expanded web ed. of Betty T. Bennett’s 1976 anthology of war poetry of 1793-1815


British Women Romantic Poets Project, 1789-1832 (UC Davis, 2002)

Full-text transcriptions of women’s poetry (site currently offline while migrating)


ECPA: Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive (Alexander Huber, 2006- )

Crowd-sourced research tools and scholarly eds., with approx. 2,500 annotated poems by 300 poets


English Poetry, 2nd Edition (ProQuest, 2008)

Searchable transcriptions of 183,000 poems written in English from 8c to early 20c


Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period (Alexander St., 2007)

Stephen Behrendt’s scholarly edition of 80+ vols. of Irish women’s poetry from 1768 to 1842


Jackson Bibliography of Romantic Poetry (U. of Toronto, 2011)

J.R. de J. Jackson’s database listing bibliographic features of 23K vols. of verse from 1770 to 1835


Laboring-Class Poets Online (John Goodridge and Bridget Keegan, 2015)

Database with brief biographies and bibliographies for over 1,500 laborer poets of the 18c and 19c


Living Poets in 1801 (Matthew Sangster, 2014)

Transcription of Poetical Register list from 1801, with links to biographies at Wikipedia and elsewhere


Norse Romanticism…in British Literature (Romantic Circles, 2012)

Robert W. Rix’s anthology of Norse-inspired verse written between 1760 and 1830 by now-canonical poets


The Poetess Archive (Laura Mandell et al., 2007; updated 2017)

Multi-faceted site offering full texts and critical intros to popular 19c UK and US “poetesses”


Poetry and Short Story Reference Center (EBSCO, 2014)

Searchable database with reference tools plus full texts of 700K poems and 56K stories


RPO: Representative Poetry Online (U. of Toronto, 1994- )

4,800 English and French poems from all periods; includes annotations, indexes, line numbers


Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period (Alexander St., 2002)

Nancy Kushigian and Stephen Behrendt’s scholarly edition of 60 vols. of poetry by Scottish women


The Web Concordances (Concordance Software, 1996)

Early internet tool for tracking word usage of Shelley, Coleridge, Keats, Blake, and Wordsworth