Access Newspaper Archive (Heritage Archives, 2006- )

Largest global newspaper archive, covering 1607 to present; platform also includes genealogy database

American Periodicals Series (Chadwyck Healey, 2007)

Digitized microform series, with 1K+ US magazines/journals from 1740 to 20c (part of C19 Index)

Attributions for Gentleman’s Magazine (Emily de Montluzin, 2008)

Identifies 2,362 anonymous/pseudonymous contributors to magazine between 1731 and 1868

British Library Newspapers (Gale, 2012)

Multi-part product offering selected papers from BL’s larger British Newspaper Archive (see below)

British Newspapers Archive (British Library, 2011- )

Premier, ever-expanding archive of UK newspapers; only available via private subscription outside UK

British Periodicals (Chadwyck Healey, 2007)

Digital version of UMI microfilm series, featuring 450+ 18c/19c magazines and journals (part of C19 Index)

Burney Collection of 17c/18c Newspapers (Gale, 2008)

1,270 newspapers, broadsides, and pamphlets from Rev. Charles Burney’s collection (now at BL)

Church Missionary Society Periodicals (Adam Matthew, 2015)

Missiology archive with CMS publications and documents from 1804 to 2009

The Curran Index (Eileen Curran and Gary Simons, 2002- )

Curran’s and, now, Simons’s supplement to Wellesley Index; IDs authors of 16K+ anon. periodical pieces

Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism (Chadwyck Healey, 2011)

Digital ed. and expansion of Brake and Demoor’s 2009 handbook (part of C19 Index)

ECCO: Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (Gale, 2005- )

Unrivaled collection of 18c books and periodicals, now at 180K titles

Eighteenth-Century Journals (Adam Matthew, 2007- )

Multi-part archive of UK journals from 1685-1835 in collections of Oxford, Cambridge, BL, UT Austin, etc.

Forget-Me-Not: A Hypertextual Archive (Poetess Archive, 2007)

Katherine D. Harris’s hypertext ed. of all numbers of Ackermann’s Forget-Me-Not from 1823-1847

Google Books (2005- )

Complete runs of many 18c/19c serials; but is uncurated, has few newspapers, and search accuracy is spotty

Historic Literary Criticism (ProQuest, 2017)

20K+ reviews from 17c through early 20c, drawn mainly from Routledge’s Critical Heritage series

Internet Library of Early Journals (Electronic Libraries, 1999)

Web 1.0 scans from six 18c/19c British periodicals, including Gentleman’s and Blackwood’s

Irish Newspaper Archives (2006- )

Premier archive of Irish newspapers, featuring complete runs of many papers stretching back to 1738

The Lady’s Magazine: The Emergence of a Genre (U. of Kent, 2016)

Index and other tools resulting from multiyear team study of magazine’s entire 1770-1818 run

L.E.L.’s “Verses” and the Keepsake for 1829 (Romantic Circles, 1998)

Hoagwood, Ledbetter, and Jacobson’s ed. of famous annual issue that included Landon, Wordsworth, Moore, et al.

Letters from the Gentlemen of the Press (David Latané, 2020)

Scanned, transcribed, and annotated letters regarding the English periodical press, 1810–45

Niles’ Register Cumulative Index (1811-1849) (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

Aid for finding articles in American weekly known for covering US and global affairs (part of C19 Index)

Nineteenth-Century British Literary Annuals (U. of Toronto, 2009)

Lindsey Eckert’s critical introduction to a range of annuals in U. of Toronto’s collections

NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition (King’s College London, 2007)

Critical intros to and full runs of Monthly RepositoryNorthern StarLeaderEnglish Woman’s Journal, etc.

Nineteenth-Century UK Periodicals (Gale, 2007)

Full runs of thematically selected periodicals, with focus on “New Readerships” (Part I) and “Empire” (Part II)

Palmer’s Full Text of the Times (1800-1870) (ProQuest, 2001)

Searchable index linking to high-resolution scans of specific articles from the Times of London

Palmer’s Index to the Times (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

Samuel Palmer’s classic Victorian reference work, listing Times articles from 1790-1905 (part of C19 Index)

Periodical Poetry Index (N. Houston, L. Lawrence, A. Patrick, 2011- )

Database of citations of English-language poetry in 19C UK and US periodicals

Periodicals Index Online (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

Expanded web version of Harvard’s Periodicals Contents Index, with links to articles in JSTOR (part of C19 Index)

The Poetess Archive (Laura Mandell et al., 2007; updated 2017)

Full-text UK annuals from 1823-57, including KeepsakeHeath’s Book of BeautyAmulet, Fisher’s Scrap Book, etc.

Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

William Poole’s 19c UK/US periodicals index; published serially in 6 vols. from 1882 to 1908 (part of C19 Index)

Quarterly Review Archive (Romantic Circles, 2005; updated 2014)

Jonathan Cutmore’s guide to the QR, including authors index, correspondence, and sales info

Quarterly Review Electronic Texts (Romantic Circles, 2006)

Gavin Budge’s contents lists for Vols. 1-2 of QR (1809) with brief bibliographic notes and critical introduction

Science in the 19th-Century Periodical (U. of Sheffield/U. of Leeds, 2007)

Searchable index of 14K articles on science in 16 representative 19c periodicals, including Blackwood’s and ER

Sunday Times Digital Archive (1822-2006) (Gale, 2012)

Full contents of venerable weekly, which operated independently of the daily Times until 1966

Times Digital Archive (Gale, 2002- )

Complete run of the Times of London since its 1785 establishment (excludes 5 most recent years)

Victorian Periodicals: Aids to Research (Victorian Research Web, 2010)

Digital version of 10th and final ed. of handbook Rosemary VanArsdel first published in 1999

Waterloo Directory of Newspapers & Periodicals (John S. North, 2001- )

Index listing publishers, editors, circulation, etc. for 50K+ 19c English periodicals

Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

Attributions for anon. articles in 45 UK periodicals, 1824-1900; updated in Curran Index (part of C19 Index)