History of Science

Bridgeman Education Art Library (2011– )

Searchable database of 1.2M images from BL and major museums; includes history of science section

Electronic Enlightenment (Bodleian Library, Oxford U., 2008– )

Database of 77K+ edited letters by global intellectuals engaged in key scientific, social, and literary debates

Europeana Natural History (European Union, 2008– )

Nearly 9M drawings, specimens, images, and documents from collections across Europe

Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database (New York U., 2005– )

Medical humanities resources, featuring annotations of primary/secondary works with medical relevance

Science in the 19th-Century Periodical (U. of Sheffield/U. of Leeds, 2007)

Searchable index of 14K articles on science in 16 representative 19c periodicals, including Blackwood’s and ER

Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 (Gale NCCO, 2015)

2-part collection of 19c books and periodicals on natural history, medicine, mathematics, engineering, etc.