General Research

18thConnect: 18th-Century Scholarship Online (Texas A&M U., 2010- )

Laura Mandell et al.’s aggregator for “the best primary and secondary texts that are available in digital form” (2005- )

Leading commercial genealogical index, with vast archive on births, deaths, marriages, immigration, etc.

Annual Register (ProQuest, 2006- )

All 250+ volumes of annual chronicle of major world events, dating to Edmund Burke’s original 1758 issue

Archive Finder (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

Tool for finding 19c archival holdings of libraries in US (part of C19 Index)

Archives Direct (Adam Matthew, 2008- )

Multi-part collection of docs from UK National Archives, emphasizing foreign UK affairs, 1824-1980

The BARS Review (British Association for Romantic Studies, 2013- )

Brief reviews of new monographs, essay collections, and scholarly eds. related to British Romanticism

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers (2017- )

Peer-reviewed biographical and critical overviews of 6,500 philosophers from ancient world to present

BRANCH: Britain, Representation, and 19c History (Dino Felluga, 2013- )

Crowd-sourced timeline with short scholarly essays on key movements and events in 19c Britain

C19: The Nineteenth Century Index (Chadwyck Healey, 2005)

Portal for cross-searching major indexes such as the NSTC, WellesleyPoole’s, etc.

COPAC: Consortium of Online Public Access Catalogues (1996- )

Union catalog for “over 100 UK and Irish academic, national, and specialist” libraries

COVE: Central Online Victorian Educator  (Dino Felluga, 2018- )

Open-access platform for peer-reviewed scholarship on and tools for researching Victorian lit

DIB: Dictionary of Irish Biography (Cambridge UP, 2009- )

Over 9,000 biographical entries for prominent figures from Irish cultural and political history

DLB: Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale)

Online version of classic reference volumes, featuring 16K+ mid-length biographies of literary figures

DNB: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford UP, 2004- )

Landmark 2004 revision, now with 50K+ brief biographies of those who “shaped all aspects of the British past”

DSL: Dictionary of the Scots Language (2004)

Scottish government-funded resource with Dict. of Older Scottish Tongue and Scottish National Dict.

Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians (British Library, 2014)

Introduction to BL’s 19c collections and era’s major authors, works, and themes

ESTC: English Short Title Catalogue (British Library, 2007- )

Index of all titles published in English, primarily in Britain, between 1473 and 1800

Europeana Collections (European Union, 2008- )

Portal for cross-searching site’s collections on art, music, fashion, and sport

Family Search (LDS Church, 1999- )

Genealogical database with family trees and scanned records of births, marriages, burials, etc.

Fictional Representations of Romantics (Romantic Circles, 2002)

Melissa Sites and Neil Fraistat’s annotated bibliography of Romantic figures’ appearances in later fiction

The Hoarding: On 19th-Century Literary Scholarship (NINES, 2009- )

Blog dedicated to announcing new publications in Romantic and Victorian studies

Johnson’s Dictionary Online (B. Besalke/UCF, 2021- )

Complete, searchable edition of Samuel Johnson’s 1755 Dictionary of the English Language

LRC: Literature Resource Center (Gale, 1999- )

Database containing major Gale products such as DLB, Lit Criticism Online, periodicals, and primary works

Mapping the Republic of Letters (Stanford U., 2013- )

Interactive visualizations of 18c/19c networks of intellectual exchange across the globe

National Archives (UK)

Ongoing digitization of UK censuses, birth/death/military records, etc.; 5% complete through 2018

Nineteenth-Century Masterfile (Paratext, 2004- )

Database for cross-searching 60 subject indexes covering materials published between 1106 and 1930

Nineteenth-Century Scholarship Online (NINES, 2000- )

Search portal for NINES-endorsed, peer-reviewed digital scholarship on 19c literature and culture

NSTC: Nineteenth-Century Short Title Catalog (Chadwyck Healey, 2006)

Index of all known works printed in English between 1801 and 1919 (extension of ESTC, part of C19 Index)

Oxford Bibliographies: British and Irish Literature (Oxford UP)

Regularly updated annotated bibliographies for major authors from all periods

Review 19 (James Heffernan, 2008- )

Forum for reviewing new books on 19c British and American literature, ideally with 90 days of publication

Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commons

Resources for teaching Romanticism, including syllabi, video discussions, and pedagogy award winners

Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions

Short book reviews, live book chats, and briefs on forgotten critical classics and Romanticism in 21c pop culture

Romantic Circles Scholarly Resources

Assorted research tools, including unpublished MSS, timelines, video of performances, and bibliographies

Romanticism Links (Katherine D. Harris, 2014)

Extensive list of digital resources for Romanticists

Timeline of the Romantic Period (Duncan Wu, 2012)

Online supplement to the 4th ed. of Wu’s Romanticism: An Anthology

Victorian Research Web (Patrick Leary, 1996- )

Catalog of web resources for Victorianists and portal for Curran Index, VanArsdal Guide, etc.

The Victorian Web (George P. Landow, 1997- )

Thirty-year project with hypertext literary editions and background info on all things Victorian

Voice of the Shuttle: Romantics page (UC Santa Barbara, 2001)

Pioneering aggregator of Web 1.0 sites in various fields, including Romanticism (fl. 1994-2001)

WorldCat (Online Computer Library Center)

Union catalog with bibliographic info and holdings of 10K+ libraries; expanded functionality for subscribers