Individual Authors & Works

Matthew Arnold

Digital version of Cecil Y. Lang’s 6-vol. collection, with 4K+ letters from 1829-88

Jane Austen

1,100 MS pages in Austen’s hand from 1787-1817, gathered from archives across world

Facsimile, transcription, and audio of 15-year-old Austen’s parody of textbook histories

Open-access, peer-reviewed journal with scholarly essays on Austen’s writing and influences

Ever-expanding fan-site that now includes full texts of Austen’s novels and letters, timelines, maps, etc.

Virtual recreation of two exhibits “Jane saw”: Shakespeare Gallery (1796), Reynolds retrospective (1813)

Joanna Baillie

Thomas McLean’s index of 200+ letters discovered since 1999 print ed. of Baillie’s letters

Ken A. Bugajski’s list of editions, reviews, adaptations, and scholarly treatments of Baillie’s works

Anna Letitia Barbauld

Lisa Vargo’s early website offering Barbauld texts and introductions to her life and work

Vargo and Allison Muri’s hypertext ed. of Barbauld’s (née Aikin) first published book of poems

Thomas Lovell Beddoes

David Baulch’s hypertext ed. of Beddoes’s 1822 play, including sources and early reviews

Jeremy Bentham

Transcriptions of Bentham texts, research tools, and general info from university he helped found

William Blake

Performance on video of unfinished tale from 1780s, with critical introduction by Joseph Viscomi

Eaves, Essick, and Viscomi’s comprehensive image gallery and tools for studying Blake’s life and work

Robert Bloomfield

Fulford’s collation/annotation of 1811/1813/1823 texts, plus poet’s 1807 sketch/scrapbook

Fulford, Goodridge, and Ward’s scholarly ed. with all known texts and extensive apparatus

Fulford and Pratt’s hypertext ed. of extant letters to and from the poet, many previously unpublished

Lord Byron

Ann Hawkins’s searchable hypertext timeline of events in Marchand’s 3-vol. biography of poet

G. Todd Davis’s annotated bibliography of 19c/20c works featuring Byron or Byronism

Marilee Hanson’s fan site featuring poems by and images of the poet, plus assorted Byroniana

Thomas and Jane Carlyle

Searchable digital version of ongoing Duke-Edinburgh ed. of Carlyles’ letters from 1812 to 1881

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Daniel White et al.’s hypertext edition of and introduction to Coleridge’s 1794 play

B. Graver and R. Tetreault’s facsimiles, transcriptions, and collation of 1798, 1800, 1802, 1805 eds.

Nikki Santilli’s scholarly ed. combining 1828 and 1834 fragments of Coleridge’s unfinished poem

Erasmus Darwin

Martin Priestman’s hypertext ed. of Darwin’s widely influential scientific poem of 1803

Benjamin Disraeli

Sheila Spector’s ed. of 1833 novel by future PM, plus sources, chronology, and full-text reviews

William Dodd

Charles Rzepka’s ed. of long 1777 poem Dodd penned while awaiting execution for forgery

Ann Flaxman

Marie McAllister’s ed. of previously unpublished diary offering rare account of Grand Tour by a woman

William Godwin

S. Barnett and K. Gustafson provide first scholarly ed. of Godwin’s pseudonymous tales for children

Major NEH-funded initiative featuring 90% of extant MSS by Godwin, Wollstonecraft, and the Shelleys

Transcriptions and facsimiles of diaries from 1788 to 1836, plus extensive scholarly apparatus

Mary Hays

Bibliographic and biographic resources and searchable texts of Hays’s letters, essays, reviews, etc.

Felicia Hemans

N. Sweet and B. Taylor’s facsimile ed. of Hemans’s 1820 poem, plus apparatus relating poem to Byron

James Hogg

Aggregator site offering intro to Hogg and links to major new research on his life and works

William Hone

Kyle Grimes’s hypertext ed. of radical, post-Waterloo, children’s-book-style parody of UK government

Leigh Hunt

 Facsimiles and transcriptions of Hunt letters at Iowa and elsewhere

Maria Jane Jewsbury

Judith Pascoe’s ed. of 1832-33 Jewsbury poems from the Athenaeum inspired by her journey to India

John Keats

Noah Comet’s index of Keats’s word usage keyed to Jack Stillinger’s 1978 edition

Digital images of many Keats letters, drafts, and fair copies at Harvard

Essays and reflections on each of Keats’s 252 letters published on day of their 200th anniversary

Digitized version of Keats’s annotated copy of Milton plus scholarly tools for studying the text

Various Keats tools, including timeline, map of his London haunts, and gallery of Keatsiana

Lewis and Dowd’s scholarly transcription of 1818 letter that includes draft of “Mermaid Tavern”

Caroline Lamb

Paul Douglass’s online intro to Lamb, with brief biography, summaries of her works, etc.

Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Hoagwood, Ledbetter, and Jacobson’s ed. of famous issue featuring Landon, Wordsworth, Moore, et al.

Mary Russell Mitford

Ongoing collaborative initiative offering tools for researching Mitford’s life and works

Thomas Moore

Multi-media resource mapping European responses to Moore’s songs through 1880

F. Burwick ed. with Moore’s lyrics and Kelly’s score from previously unpublished 1801 musical

Richard Brinsley Peake

Stephen Behrendt’s hypertext ed. of Peake’s popular 1823 theatrical adaptation of Shelley’s novel

Mary Robinson

Craciun, Close, Musgrave, and Smith’s hypertext ed. of 1799 feminist treatise with contextual apparatus

Terry Robinson’s annotated ed. of unpublished 1794 play, plus critical intro, reviews, contextual sources

Walter Scott

Peter Garside’s database of 1500+ printed illustrations for the Waverley novels, 1814-1900

Digital ed. of Scott’s metrical romance embedded within database tracing Spenser’s influence

Former aggregator for Scott studies, with links to eBooks, MSS, and recent research

Mary Shelley

1818 text in HTML with bios, notes, images, maps, reviews, and other tools

1818 and 1831 texts in XTML with notes but not other tools from above ed.

Steven Jones’s hypertext ed. of the 1826 original of Shelley’s apocalyptic tale

Research tools by Shanon Lawson, including timeline, early reviews, and bibliography

Michael Eberle-Sinatra’s hypertext ed. of tale Shelley wrote for the Keepsake of 1833

Major NEH-funded initiative featuring 90% of extant MSS by Godwin, Wollstonecraft, and the Shelleys

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Donald Reiman and Neil Fraistat’s hypertext ed. of broadside and epistolary versions of poem

Michael J. Neth’s online supplement to version presented in new JHUP complete works ed.

Inaugural RC ed. by N. Fraistat and M. Sites, offering text of and essays on posthumous Shelley poem

Carl Stahmer’s timeline of important events in Shelley’s life

Tatsuo Tokoo’s online, updated version of his 1984 research guide for Shelley MSS

Major NEH-funded initiative featuring 90% of extant MSS by Godwin, Wollstonecraft, and the Shelleys

Darby Lewes and Bob Stiklus’s photographic essay tracking Shelley’s UK and Continental travels

Tilar Mazzeo’s ed. of Williams’s Indian travel journal and notes Shelley left on book’s MS

Charlotte Smith

E. Dolan and G. Andrews’ “virtual author house” featuring maps and images of Smith’s various homes

Robert Southey

Pratt, Fulford, and Packer massive ed. of poet’s letters; 6 of 12 parts (covering 1791-1821) now complete

Tim Fulford’s collection of the expansive commentary on millenarian enthusiasts in Southey’s writings

Matt Hill’s ed. of Southey’s radical rendering of the 1381 peasant rebellion, collated from 5 extant texts

John Thelwall

Video of 2009 staging of “dramatic romance” from 1801, plus directorial and critical commentary

Judith Thompson’s copious Thelwall chronology, offered as stopgap until full biography appears

Mary Tighe

Harriet Kramer Linkin’s ed. of unpublished MSS, including 121 poems and 72 sketches

Catherine Upton

Dan Froid’s ed. of full oeuvre of forgotten writer: a 1781 epistolary tale and 1784 vol. of verse

Edward Ellerker Williams

Tilar Mazzeo’s ed. of Williams’s Indian travel journal and notes Shelley left on book’s MS

Mary Wollstonecraft

Major NEH-funded initiative featuring 90% of extant MSS by Godwin, Wollstonecraft, and the Shelleys

Dorothy Wordsworth

Digitized holdings of the Wordsworth Trust collection, including Dorothy’s MS notebooks, letters, etc.

William Wordsworth

Interactive site built around MSS of Wordsworth’s “Home at Grasmere” and parts of the Prelude

B. Graver and R. Tetreault’s facsimiles, transcriptions, and collation of 1798, 1800, 1802, 1805 eds.

Dino Felluga et al.’s “omnibus edition” with text of and commentary on E.B. Browning’s 1842 sonnet

Digitized holdings of the Wordsworth Trust collection, including most of poet’s MSS

Blog with brief reflections on Wordsworth by scholars, students, and contemporary writers

Mason, Stimpson, and Westover’s ed. with 1810/1835 texts, parallel-text chart, maps, critical intro, etc.

Meyenberg and Vincent’s guide for retracing poet’s path through Alps in 1850 Prelude