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New website on the Openum platform

After nearly a decade on a WordPress site, Romanticism on the Net is now being hosted on the Openum platform (“The platform spreading Academia in the Digital World”), funded by SSHRC and the Chaire L.R. Wilson at the Université de Montréal. The Openum platform “is a software built upon a WordPress core to power an open-access online […] Read more

New issue on Robert Southey

A new special issue of RoN on Robert Southey, guest-edited by Tim Fulford and Matthew Sangster, is now available. It contains articles by Ian Packer, Jonatan Gonzalez, Tom Duggett, Joseph DeFalco Lamperez, Adam Colman, Matthew C. Jones, Joanna E. Taylor, and Matthew Sangster. Read more

Announcing the relaunch of RoN

As Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net begins its third decade, some major editorial changes recently took place this year with the arrival of Julia S. Carlson (University of Cincinnati), Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow), Chris Bundock (University of Regina), and Nicholas Mason (Brigham Young University), who join the journal’s founding editor Michael E. Sinatra […] Read more

New issue on ‘The Two Darwins’

A double-issue devoted to ‘The Two Darwins’, guest-edited by Martin Priestman and Louise Lee (both at Roehampton University), is now available for consultation (issue #66-67 [Spring 2016-Fall 2016)]. It contains essays by Patricia Fara, John Holmes, Stuart Harris, Devin Griffiths, Tim Fulford, Louise Lee, and Martin Priestman. Read more