Issue #80-81 Now Complete

We are thrilled to publish Issue #80-81 (Spring–Fall 2023), a multi-media double-issue guest edited by Catriona Seth (University of Oxford) and Nicola J. Watson (The Open University) and linked with their ground-breaking online project RÊVE (Romantic Europe: The Virtual Exhibition). Follow nine leading Romanticists through the collections of RÊVE on tours dedicated to “Bodies,” “Paper,” “Air,” “Stone,” “Water,” “Wood,” “Things on the Move,” the concept of the “Museum,” and the idea of “Loss.” Between academic articles, explore the “most Romantic object” in the collections of Abbotsford House, Dove Cottage, Chawton House, and Newstead Abbey in four video-essays narrated by leading curators and librarians. An afterword by Deidre Lynch, “Object-Lessons in a Virtual Museum,” and an Envoi of six poems by Clare Brant, “Fragments of a History in a Dream,” conclude this very special issue.